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Bid and contract

In this course, you learn the essential of Bid and Contract (BD) terminology, tools and techniques required to pass the FIDIC ® exam.You will receive a CD of material including the BD ® Guide and practice exam bank questions. You also receive the Campus Education BD ® attendance Certificate.


The training course provides the essential knowledge to construction professionals who work at State or Private Employer Organizations, Construction Companies, Consulting/Architecture & Engineering Firms, Sub-Contracting Companies, Lawyers, Financing Institutions and to those who are involved in managing international construction projects financed by multilateral development banks.


FIDIC is the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, known by its French acronym. It was formed in 1913, with the objective of promoting the interests of consulting engineering firms globally. It is best known for its range of standard conditions of contract for the construction, plant and design industries. The FIDIC forms are the most widely used forms of contract internationally, including by the World Bank for its projects.

FIDIC has published a Supplement to the FIDIC Contracts Guide that covers the MDB Harmonized Construction Contract. Since the contract does not envisage the incorporation of extensive Particular Conditions, the Guide does not include extensive guidance on preparing Particular Conditions. Instead it focuses on comparing the MDB Harmonized Edition of the Construction Contract with the standard 1999 Edition. The current version only compares the March 2006 Harmonized Contract General Conditions (an update for the June 2010 version is pending).

Certificate Advantages

This program assists you in understanding all the aspects of the FIDIC Form of Contract and will enable you to understand your own Project’s Contract Conditions. This program covers Conditions for International Contracts (contracting parties are from different countries) for Civil and Industrial Projects. At the end of the program you will have a good understanding of the FIDIC Standard Conditions of Contract and how to Benchmark your own Contract Conditions against these Industry Standards.

Training workshop


The importance of specifications – The use and involvement of experts: roles and responsibilities – The role of procurement – Selection of tenderer and pr-qualification – Tender evaluation – Post-tender negotiations – Contract award and culture fit – EU procurement differences .


Deciding to bid – Analyzing the tender specification – Managing the bid – Talking to the client, understanding your potential client – Understanding the work required – Developing and writing the bid – Project resources and pricing – Stating your price – Producing and submitting the bid – Presentations – Negotiations and knowing your end-point – Due diligence of potential clients – Post audit.


Drafting good contracts – Contract law – Which contracts to put effort into – Negotiation outcomes and techniques for success – Developing and maintaining effective business relationships – The cultural framework – Time and communication – The special case for outsourcing.


*This course is intended for both novice and experienced Managers and support personnel who need to apply the discipline of Bid & Contract  management using  Standard  as the followings :

– This is a stimulating and practical course designed for directors, senior executives and decision-makers who want to understand how to maximize the competitive advantage to be gained from successful negotiation and tendering for contracts.

– Managers, Engineers and administration.


The effective administration of a FIDIC construction contract is essential to ensure that time and money claims are protected. It is important to write notices in clear and unequivocal terms – do not hint or insinuate. Keeping effective records will assist contractors and employers to prove their entitlements and enable both parties to accurately ascertain their positions in the event that a dispute arises.


– Following up/guiding the participant.

20 Training credit hours PDU’S.

– Certified and Professional Instructors.

– Free Material + Questions.

– Free Revision for each section.

– Free Quiz after each section.

– Re-attending the Course when needed without any charge.

– Catering Services.

– Certificate of attendance from CAMPUS.


*In addition to a certificate of attendance for the course, accredited by Campus Institute.

Course Outlines

– Engineering project life cycle.

– Pr-qualification and tendering procedures.

– Types of contracts.

– Tendering evaluation and awarding the contract.

– Important contract terms and clauses.

– Commencement and completion.

– Adverse physical conditions and artificial obstructions.

– Delays and extension of deadline, variations and valuation.

– Liquidated damages and penalty clauses, disputes and claims.

– Settlement of disputes.

– Case studies.

Course fees Course fees

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20 Credit Hours:

– One Lecture per week  ( 7 Weeks ).

– Two Lectures per week ( 4 Weeks ).


In campus, each of our instructors is certified instructors and they are professional in this programs with many years of experience.

Speaking Languages:

( English / Arabic ).

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