CCP Certified Cost Professional


In this course, you will learn the Certified Cost Professional CCP standards ® terminology required to pass the CCP ® exam. You will receive a CD of material including the CCP ® Book Guide and exam bank questions. You will also receive Campus  CCP ® Certificate.


– Made advanced Authority for engineering costs CCP many individuals carrying certificate costs Ad visor / engineering costs since 1976.

– And the Commission was approved for advanced engineering costs CCP by council members specialized in engineering and science. The goal is to provide the professionals to meet the demands of the costs, administration, and according to criteria to be determined by careful examination, experience, education and ethical qualifications.

– The CCP also reflect the development of individuals in industry and administration costs and measure the knowledge, experience, commitment to achieve the best possible practice of management. CCP Certificate of Excellence professionals in the field of administration.


–  AACE International the association for the advanced of cost engineering.

– AACEI certificate were to ensure international quality standards for over 30 years.Pioneers in the field of industry, now offer (6) certification which stands out as an individual by owing the knowledge and skills which have a significant impact.

Certificate Advantages

– Distinguish you from your peers.

– Carry weight with internal staff and external clients.

– Develop your knowledge of best practices in the industry.

– Demonstrate your proficiency and professionalism.

– Give you personal satisfaction of achievement.

– Lay a foundation for continued improvement and advancement.

Training workshop

The annual CCP workshop helps develop methods and reviewing of data:

– Section 1: Cost.

– Section 2: Cost Estimating.

–  Section 3: Planning & Scheduling.

– Section 4: Progress & Cost Control.

– Section 5: Project Management.

– Section 6: Economic Analysis.

– Section 7:  Statistics, Probability.


– This course is targeted for all business enterprises, construction, factories and all levels from chief executive officers, finance managers, human resources managers, project managers, site engineers, planners and cost control engineers.

– At least eight years of professional experience, of which up to four years may be substituted by a college or university degree. Relevant degrees include areas of specialization such as engineering, building construction, construction technology, business, economics, accounting, construction management, architecture, computer science, mathematics, among others.


Today’s ever-changing business environment requires new approaches to cost engineering management, which has become an important tool for dealing with time-to-market, resources limitations, downsizing and global competition.This training course will provide participants with a thorough background in the concepts of total cost management and cost engineering.


– Following up/guiding the participant until he/she passes for the CCP Certification Examination.

40 credit hours.

– Certified  and Professional Instructors.

– Free Material + Questions.

– Free Revision for each section.

– Free Quiz after each section.

– Re-attending the Course when needed without any charge.

– Free Membership and Membership Benefits.

– Free Recruitment for one year.

– Catering Services.

– Certificate of attendance from CAMPUS.



A certificate issued by Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering AACEI
 In addition to a certificate of attendance for the course, accredited by Campus. 

Course Outlines

– Course Introduction.

– Nature of the CCP Exam.

– Test Procedure.

– Application Process and Requirements.

– The Nature and Type of Questions.

– Cost Elements.

– Pricing.

– Materials.

– Labor.

– Engineering.

– Equipment, Parts, and Tools.

– Economic Costs.


– Based Cost Management.

– Cost Estimating.

– Conceptual Estimating Methodologies.

– Deterministic Estimating Methodologies.

– Process Product Manufacturing.

– Discrete Product Manufacturing.

– Project planning.

– Understanding Time Management.

– Environment.

– Schedule development.

– Critical path method (CPM).

– Schedule Compression.

– Progress Measurement and Earned Value.

– Earned Value for Variable Budgets.

– Tracking Cost and Schedule Performance.

– Performance and Productivity Management.

– Project Management Fundamentals.

– Project Organization Structure.

– Project Labor Cost Control.

– Project Planning.

– Leadership and Management of Project People.

– Quality Management.

– Value Analysis.

– Contracting for Capital Projects.

– Strategic Asset Management.

– Basic Engineering Economics.

– Equivalence & Conventions.

– Interest & Discount factors.

– Measures of equivalent worth.

– Applied Engineering Economics.

– Cash Flow Analysis.

– Incremental Analysis.

– Tax Considerations.

– Statistics & Probability.

– Basic Concepts in Descriptive Statistics.

– Risk Management.

– Communication.

– The International System of Units (SI).

Course fees Course fees

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Daily Organizer

40 Credit Hours:

One Lecture per week ( 2.5 Months).

– Two Lectures per week (1.5 Months).


In campus, our instructors are certified instructors and they are professional in this programs with many years of experience.

Speaking Languages:

( English / Arabic ).


The CCP examination consists of four parts:

(1 hour 45 minutes each).

* Part 1:
Are 50 multiple choice questions on Supporting Skills &Knowledge (open book).

* Part 2:

Is on Economic Analysis (open book)

 * Part 3:

Is on Project Management (closed book)

 * Part 4:

– Is on Cost Estimating and Control (closed book).

*Part 1 Consist of 50 Multiple Choice Questions.

*Part, II, III and IV consists of combination of compound questions.

*Overall passing score will be determined by Certification board.

*To become a CCP a passing grade must be achieved on the 7 hour exam results on a basis of PASS or FAIL. Therefore, no score grades will be given.

– Both components must meet the minimum overall score of 70% in order to successfully pass the exam.


  • Amir Said September 25, 2013 at 12:49 pm - Reply

    Good Morning,

    Can I know when the course will start?
    How many times per week?
    What is the Fees of the course?

    Thanks in advance

    • ALAA MOHAMED September 29, 2013 at 1:18 pm - Reply

      Dear Mr.Amir,

      kindly CCE/CCC (Certified Cost Engineer/Consultant) will be start on Saturday 5/10/2013 in obbour branch and the fees will be 2800 LE and it will be one session per week on Saturday only and for more information contact with us on 01111994577.
      Best Regards.

  • Ehab October 10, 2013 at 10:03 am - Reply

    when the next course?
    how many days?

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    When will start the next course, please?

  • abdul June 8, 2014 at 3:10 pm - Reply

    Is there any online course available in Certified cost professional CCP bcoz im in saudi at present plz.

  • Abdulhadi June 9, 2014 at 1:46 pm - Reply

    could you please provide me methods to attends such this training as CCE,CCP, Risk management prof. & Bidds and fidic…..etc , kindly note that i am in KSA-Riyadh?

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