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In this course, you learn the essential ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library terminology, tools and techniques required to pass the ITIL ® exam. You will receive a CD of material including the ITIL ® Guide and  exam bank questions. You also receive the Campus Education ITIL ® attendance Certificate.


Means infrastructure, information technology, and the general framework, which includes best practices in the field of Information Technology Services Department.


Is a group APM, Accredit official qualifying ITIL, based in Germany, has been adoption of ITIL Institute, allows the Institute to grant a license for the management and rehabilitation of ITIL accreditation and development activities.

Certificate Advantages

– Low cost.

– Improve IT services through the use of best practices and procedures.

– Improve customer satisfaction through professionalism in the provision of services.

– Standards and guidelines.

– Improve Productivity.

– Better use of skills and expertise.

– Improve the delivery of services through a third party to ISO 20000 or ITIL standard for service delivery.

Training workshop

*The course is assignment based, with practical coursework. It is based upon the OGC’s ITIL Books:

– Service Strategy.

– Service Design.

– Service Transition.

– Service Operation.

– Continual Service Improvement.

– There is particular importance placed on developing an underlying service culture within the IT organization.


– Information Technology IT managers.
– Technical support team.
– Information Systems Consultant.
– Directors of departments.
– Quality and officials responsible for the work procedures.
– Software developers, providers of integrated solutions.
– Data center workers and others with positions of responsibility.


– The objective of the study for the ITIL Foundation Certificate is the Information Technology Services Department and the acquisition of knowledge of ITIL terminology, and the basic principles of ITIL practices for service management. And to enable certificate holders to apply ITIL practices for service management with further guidance.

ITIL ® Foundation course gives a detailed introduction to the concepts, terminology and definitions, objectives, benefits and relationships within the field of information technology operations and management of the service, according to (library infrastructure for IT) ITIL

– Provide practical guidance on how to build an integrated system for successful information technology services.


24 Training credit hours.

– Certified and professional instructors.

– Free Materials / handout + Questions.

– Free revision for each sections.

– Free Quiz after each section.

– Exam simulation ( Assessment ) with performance report.

– Re-attending the Course when needed without any charge.

– Free Membership and Membership Benefits.

– Free Recruitment for one year.

– Catering Services.

– Certificate of attendance , CAMPUS Egypt.


*  A certificate issued by ITIL Foundation.

*In addition to a certificate of attendance credit to those who attended the session entirely successfully. 

Course Outlines

Introduction to Service Management:

*The importance of Service Management.

*Definition of a Service and Service Management.

*The need for a service culture.

*Service Management as a practice.

The Service Life cycle:

 *The objectives and business value for each phase of the life cycle.

*The main goals and value to the business provided by each phase of the life cycle covering the (5) core books:
-Service Strategy.
-Service Design.
-Service Transition.
-Service Operation.
– Continual Service Improvement.

Key Principles and models of ITSM:

*The types of service provider.

*The five major aspects of Service Design.

*The service V model.

*The Continual Service Improvement model.

The Processes and Functions:

*Define the characteristics of a process.

*The objectives, business value, basic concepts, roles and interfaces of:
– Service Portfolio Management.
– Service Level Management.
– Incident Management.
– Change Management.

*The objectives and basic concepts of:
– Demand Management.
– Financial Management.
– Service Catalog Management.
– Availability Management.
– Capacity Management.
– Supplier Management.
– Information Security Management.
– IT Service Continuity Management.
– Service Asset and Configuration Management.
– Release and Deployment Management.
– Event Management.
– Problem Management.
– Request Fulfillment.
– Access Management.
– The 7 step improvement process.

*Explanation of the functions:
-Service Desk, Application Management, Operations Management, Technical Management.

*Organization structure and key roles:

-Using the RACI model.

*Technology and Architecture:

* Generic requirement for an integrated set of ITSM technology.

Course fees Course fees

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Daily Organizer

24 Credit Hours :

– One lectures per week (1.5 Months ).

– Two lectures per week ( 1 Months ).


Each of our instructors is a working professional from industry with at least 20 years of experience. They are senior project managers who bring a wealth of practical expertise to every workshop.

Speaking Languages:

( English / Arabic ).


– Exam contains 40 questions are multiple choice questions.

– Unlimited access to 800+ exceptionally realistic ITIL Foundation questions.

– Detailed explanations and ITIL references for every exam question.

– Includes Fifteen full ITIL mock exams, and Eighteen ITIL knowledge area quizzes.

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