Personnel Activities & Civil Laws Affecting Employees


– Human resource department is now the core of the business inside any organization, therefore its functions should be organized internally and here comes the administrative role of Human Resources.

– Working under the umbrella of law is a protection for both employers and employees, it also affect different employment relations.

Certificate Advantages

– Distinguish you from your peers.

– Carry weight with internal staff and external clients.

–  Develop your knowledge of best practices in the industry.

– Demonstrate your Proficiency and professionalism.

– Give you personal satisfaction of achievement.

– Lay a foundation for continued improvement and advancement.


Anyone working in the HR field who wants to know more about the administrative work of the HR.

HR employees from all levels who want to acquire knowledge about the labor and social insurance laws.


–  Training 24 credit hours.

– Certified and Professional Instructors.

– Free Material + Questions.

– Free Revision for each section.

– Free Quiz after each section.

– Re-attending the Course .

– Free Membership and Membership Benefits.

– Free Recruitment for one year.

– Catering Services.

– Certificate of attendance from CAMPUS Egypt.

Course Outlines

1) Human Resources Information system ( HRIS)

– Importance of having HRIS:

A) Updates Data for all employees

B) Recruitment

C) Training and Development

D) Payroll

E) Various Reports

HRIS Contents:

A) Personal Information.

B) Resumes

C) Time and Attendance.

D) Email Alerts.

E) Organization charts.

F) Medical and social insurance.

G) Legal Affairs.

H) Manpower Planning.

I) Performance appraisals records

j) forms

K) Vacations

L) Benefits Programs

M) Transportation.

N) Former Employees.

2) Filling system.

3) HR Forms.

4) HR Reports and Analysis.

Explore different types of reporting methods

Civil laws Affecting Employees.

– Egyptian  Labor law no 12/2003

Explore articles of the labor law.

Case study

– Egyptian social insurance law no 79/1975

Explore articles of the SI Law

Case study.


Course fees Course fees

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Daily Organizer

 24 Credit Hours:

– One session per week (2 Months).

– Two Lectures per week (1 Month).


In campus, Each of our instructors are certified instructors and they are professional in this programs with many years of experience.

Speaking Languages:

( English / Arabic ).

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