PHRi Professional in Human Resources – International ( HRBP )


In this course, you will learn the essential PHRi ( HRBP ) terminology, tools and techniques required to pass the PHRi ® exam. You will receive a CD of material including the PHRi ® Guide and practice exam bank questions. You will also receive Campus PHRi ® Certificate.


Is an international certificate designed to validate the professional in human resources and skills, and demonstrates the dependence mastery of the principles of human resources and helps to develop local human resources practices and dependence supports HR professionals and the organizations they serve.


The HR Certification Institute HRCI, established in 1976, is an internationally recognized certifying organization for the human resource profession. Today, more than 120,000 HR professionals worldwide proudly maintain the HR Certification Institute’s credentials as a mark of high professional distinction. The HR Certification Institute is a global leader in developing rigorous exams to demonstrate mastery and real-world application of forward-thinking HR practices, policies and principles.

Certificate Advantages

However, the remarkable increase of job seekers who want to pursue a career in HR field and majority of them have already acquired either HR certificate or HR diploma from varied scale & wide range of universities and training centers.

Less than 2% HR Job seekers in Egypt acquired a professional certificate in HR field and recognized it in their CVs (All HR job seekers are studying the same theoretical approach of Human Resource Management in certificates or diplomas, PHRi uniqueness comes from its practical approach).

– Help you earn credibility and respect in your field.

– Open more opportunities for advancement.

– Increase your salary.

– Certified professionals earn up to 18% more than their non certified peers.

– Prove your willingness to invest in your own development.

– Demonstrate your commitment to your profession.

– Improve your skills and knowledge.

– Represent your personal achievement.

– Build confidence in your knowledge of the profession.

Training workshop

– Understand the changing role of HR and the value HR Business Partners can bring.

– Minimize organizational gaps and improve the effectiveness of business performance by successfully partnering with business leaders.

– Become skilled at utilizing a consultative approach to problem solving, relationship building, change facilitation, and leadership coaching.

– Develop stronger, more trusted relationships with business leaders.

– Identify and implement organizational performance solutions.

– Facilitate stakeholders transition through organizational change.

– Coach business leaders to higher performance.


HR Professionals currently practicing in the field.

– Benefit Directors & Coordinators seeking professional development.

– Recruiting & Training professionals.

– Employees with management responsibilities.

– Mid-Level Managers seeking career change or promotion.

– Individuals seeking a career in human resources.


– Distinguish you from your peers.

– Carry weight with internal staff and external clients.

– Develop your knowledge of best practices in the industry.

– Demonstrate your proficiency and professionalism.

– Give you personal satisfaction of achievement.

– Lay a foundation for continued improvement and advancement.


– Following up/guiding the participant until he/she passes for the PHRi Certification Examination.

– 40 Credit Hours.

– Certified and Professional Instructors.

– Free Material + Questions.

– Free Revision for each section.

– Free Quiz after each section.

– Re-attending the Course when needed without any charge.

– Free Membership and Membership Benefits.

– Free Recruitment for one year.

– Catering Services.

– Certificate of attendance from CAMPUS.


A certificate issued by Human Resources Certification Institute -HRCI.
In addition a Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to those who faithfully attend, participate and successfully completed the Course. 

Course Outlines

Module 1: HR Administration

– Planning and Organizing Skills.

– Change Management Concepts and Communication Techniques.

– Documentation Requirements for Employees and their Employment.

– Management of HR Documents.

– Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS).

– Employment best practices.

– Organizational Policies and Procedures.

– HR Ethics and Professional Standards.

– Confidentiality and Privacy Rules.

– Tools and Methods to Analyze Business Data.

– Classification of Employees.

Module 2: Recruitment and Selection

– Government Regulations.

– Job functions and Responsibilities in the Organization and Industry.

– Recruitment Methods.

– Procedures to Review Applications and watch Applicants’ Progress.

– Procedures to Check References.

– Assessments or Evaluations of Applicants.

– Tools for Selecting Candidates.

– Options for Recruitment.

– Interviewing Techniques.

– Recruiting Process.

– Processes for Transferring or Promoting Employees.

– Diversity and Inclusion.

Module 3: Employee Relations and Communication

– Employee Engagement Techniques.

– Methods and Processes for Collecting Employee Feedback.

– Effects of Employment and Labor Laws.

– Handling Conflicts.

– Issues affecting Work-life Balance.

– Issues of Behavior in the Workplace.

– Methods for Investigating Complaints or Grievances.

– Methods for Disciplinary Action needed for Work-related Behavior.

– Procedures for Ending Employment.

– Event Planning.

Module 4: Compensation and Benefits

– Total Compensation Packages.

– Benefit Programs.

– Retirement Plans and Programs.

– Salary Surveys.

– Effects of Laws and Regulations on Compensation and Benefits.

– Company-wide Compensation Policies.

– Contracts with Service and Product Providers.

– Bonus and Incentive Programs.

– Payroll Processes.

– Leave and Time-off Allowances.

Module 5: Training and Development

– Different Training and Learning Methods.

– Giving Feedback on Job Performance.

– Organizational Culture.

– Policies and Techniques for Evaluating Performance.

– Opportunities for Training and Development.

– Procedures for Evaluating Training.

– Training Policies.

– Training Needs Assessment.

– Individual Development Plans.

– Performance Management Methods.

– Training Skills for Basic Programs.

– Career Paths.

Module 6: Safety, Health and Security

– Effects of Laws and Regulations on Health and Safety.

– Policies and Programs for paying Workers who take a Leave of Absence.

– Safety Risks in the Workplace.

– Security Risks in the Workplace.

– Health and Safety Practices.

– Policies and Procedures for Investigating Issues of Health, Safety, or Security.

– Programs to Improve Employee Health and Well-being.

Course fees Course fees

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Daily Organizer

40 Credit Hours

– One Lecture per week  ( 3 Months )

– Two Lectures per week ( 1.5 Months )


In Campus Education Institute, all our instructors are certified, professional, experienced in delivering this program and have multinational experience of at least 15 years in order to ensure delivering the real life and work experience along with the academic knowledge.

Speaking Languages:

(English / Arabic).


The exam contains multiple choice questions, and includes 145 questions subject to assess and 25 questions is not subject to assess the final and non-subject questions do not fall in the total score.

Exam Content:

The PHRi exam is divided into six functional areas:

– HR Administration (22%)

–  Recruitment & Selection (22%)

– Employee Relations & Communication (20%)

– Compensation & Benefits (14%)

– Training & Development (15%)

– Safety, Health& Security (7%)


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