Pressure Vessels Engineering

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1 Design and Fabrication of pressure vessels
2 pressure vessels
3 failure prevention , Repair and Life extension of piping, vessels and Tanks
4  Pressure relief devices; design, sizing,construction ,inspection and maintenance.
5  How to predict thermal hydraulic loads on pressure vessels and pipping
6  Risk- Informed In-service Testing Program
7  Section III :Advanced Design and construction of nuclear Facility components
8  Fitness-for-service Evaluation
9  Master Class: Design and selection of materials for B31.1 Power Pipping
10  Introduction to process pipping code and overview of welding
11 Basic principles of Welding
12 Rules for Construction of Nuclear Facility Components
13 Pipping Design
14 Design and fabrication of pressure vessels
15  Alternatives rules for design and fabrication of pressure vessels
16 Comparison of Global Assurance & Management system standards used by nuclear applications
17  Design of Buried High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
18  Rules for construction of nuclear facility components
19  Rules for construction of heating boilers
20 Welding and brazing Qualifications
21 PTC 25 Pressure Relief Devices
22 Grade 91 and other creep strength enhanced ferritic steels
23  In-service Testing of Pumps
24  In-service Testing of valves
25 Inspection Repairs and alternations of pressure equipment
26  Manufacturing, Fabrication and examination responsibilities in codes standards and regulations for nuclear power plant construction
27  NQA-1 Quality Assurance requirements for nuclear facility applications
28 Overview of codes and standards for nuclear power plant construction
29  Probabilistic Structural analysis, Design and Reliability-Risk Assessment
30  Design and Fabrication of pressure vessels and overview of welding

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