Recruitment and Training Initiative Program

برنامج مبادرة التدريب من أجل التوظيف برعاية معهد كامبس للتدريب وكبري الشركات في مصر

Is an initiative aimed at rehabilitating Arab cadres for The labor market, through an innovative training program has been prepared specifically for this initiative at the hands of the most efficient experiences Arabs and coaches, this program on the rehabilitation of the trainees to become able to enroll directly to the labor market through theoretical and practical training intensively for three months, then the trainees use the information they learned and skills they accurate in the production of a product or an integrated program that each trainee need to accomplish by himself,  until the receipt complete the graduation project successfully.

Initiative for training for employment is not training initiative for training … but the initiative aims to train cadres directly to join the labor market, it is a training equal to the function, and can be summarized advantages obtained by the trainee at his involvement in the initiative that this training will provide the trainee knowledge science and enhanced credit the testimony of the actual scientific expertise resulting from dealing with the problems and how to solve them and deal with them, and practical experience in the implementation of the project and the entire program.

Training is divided in to two phases:

1. Diplomas

It is an intensive training using the reflected education system where the trainee to consider all the basic concepts and skills in a practical and thoughtful through a series of educational videos with follow-up from a trained to answer any questions I have a trainee, and cost each trainee duties and functions and there is a meeting weekly in the hall Education default to discuss what the trainees acquired information with the coach.

The Diplomas we provide:

  1. Mobile Application Developer Diploma
  2. Graphic designer/ Web designer Diploma
  3. E- Marketing Diploma
  4. Quality ( QC/QA ) Diploma
  5. Communication/ Technical Sales Diploma
  6. Oracle Developer Diploma
  7. Logistics and Supply chain Diploma
  8. Business Analysis/ Process Engineering Diploma
  9. Accounting/ Auditing Diploma
  10. HR  Diploma
  11. Health & Safety Diploma

2. Graduation Project / Case Study

At that stage, the trainee is implementing a project in the field of specialization and be with each trainee supervisor to supervise the implementation phases of the project until it reaches its final product and thus prevents the trainee what he learned in the first stage and gained the expertise to an existing product already gaining trainee from that stage of practical experience and experience and self-confidence.

Recruitment Phase:

The initiative will provide employment opportunities for all trainees after completing the training phases.

برنامج التدريب من أجل التوظيف

فرصة للطموحين و الراغبين فى فرصة عمل جادة

يقدم معهد كامبس للتدريب برنامج التدريب من أجل التوظيف

 مطلوب 220 فرد للوظائف التالية:

  1. Mobile Application Developer
  2. Graphic designer/ Web designer
  3. E-Marketer Specialist
  4. Quality (QC/QA) Specialist
  5. Communication/ Technical Sales Specialist
  6. Oracle Developer
  7. Logistics and Supply chain Specialist
  8. Business Analyst/ Process Engineer
  9. Accounting/ Auditing
  10. HR Specialist
  11. Health & Safety Specialist

مدة البرنامج اربعة اشهر شاملة الفترة التدريبية ثم تنفيذ مشروع للتطبيق ما تم اخذه في الفترة التدريبية ثم مرحلة التوظيف

يشترط التفرغ التام طوال ايام البرنامج و الجدية و الألتزام

يقوم المتدرب بدفع 50% من التكلفة قبل بداية البرنامج ثم يقوم بدفع ال 50% المتبقية بعد التعيين

ترسل السيرة الذاتية على

برجاء كتابة اسم الوظيفة المتقدم لها في الsubject

Preparing Candidates for Mobile Developer Job

Program Cost : –    5000 EGP
Duration : –    100 Hours
Courses : –    Java development fundamentals

–    Java for Android

–    Android application fundamentals

–    Debugging and security

–    Advanced Android development

–    Designing your own Android Application

–    Publish your application in the Android market.

–    Final Project

Preparing Candidates for Graphic designer/ Web designer Job

Program Cost : –    4500 EGP
Duration : –    132 Hours
Courses : –    Advertising concept        (12h)

–    Color theory        (6h)

–    Adobe Photoshop & Adobe bridge CS5     (30h)

–    Adobe illustrator CS5       (30h)

–    Adobe InDesign CS5   (24h)

–    CV Art &Design preparation (6h)

–    Final Project  (24h)

Preparing Candidates for E-marketer  Job

Program Cost : –   3800 EGP
Duration : –   110 Hours
Courses : –    Social Media Marketing  (30h)

–    Digital Marketing  (50h)

–    Digital Branding   (18h)

–    Online Advertising & Media Planning  (12h)

–    Case Study

Preparing Candidates for e-marketer  Job

Program Cost : –   4000 EGP
Duration : –   134 Hours
Courses : –    Quality Planning (20h)

–    Quality Control (30h)

–    Quality Assurance (30h)

–    Six Sigma Green Belt (30h)

–    Lean Six Sigma (24h)

–    Case Study

 Preparing Candidates for Communication/ Technical Sales Engineer Job

Estimated Cost : –   4500 EGP
Duration : –   (100 Hours)
Courses : –    CSP (Certified Sales Professional) conferred by Canadian Professional Sales Association  (40h)

–    CompTIA A+ Certification Training (20h)

–    Software Engineering and Applications Concepts (10h)

–    Networking Concepts (10h)

–    Information System (10h)

–    Security (10h)

–    Customer Relations and Communications (18h)

–    English Conversation (24h)

–    Case Study


Preparing Candidates for Oracle Developer Job

Program Cost : –   6000 EGP
Duration : –   170 Hours
Courses : –    Oracle SQL (20h)

–    Oracle PL-SQL (20h)

–    Oracle Forms Developer (20h)

–    Oracle Reports Developer (20h)

–    Oracle BI Discoverer (20h)

–    Oracle Java/J2EE (30h)

–    Oracle Apps Development Tools (40h)

–    Final Project


Preparing Candidates for Logistics and Supply chain job

Program Cost : –   6000 EGP
Duration : –   160 Hours
Courses : –    CSCP ® Certified Supply Chain Professional– USA  (40h)

–    CPIM ® Certified Production & Inventory Management – USA (105h)

–    Business English Conversation  (24h)

–    Case Study

 Preparing Candidates for Business Analyst/ Process Engineer job

Program Cost : –   7000 EGP
Duration : –   200 Hours
Courses : –    Business analysis Fundamentals

–    Strategic planning

–    Organization Structure design

–    Process engineering

–    Master Effective Business Meetings

–    Business Technical Writing

–    Problem Solving and Analytical  techniques

–    Business English Conversation

–    Final Project

Preparing Candidates for Accountant/ Auditing job

Estimated Cost : – 4000 EGP
Duration : – 90 Hours


Courses :

– The nature and operations of the IASB

– The status and use of IFRSs around the world

– Accounting for assets and liabilities

– Disclosure standards

– Principal differences between UK/US GAAP and IFRS

– Financial Reporting, Planning, Performance and Control
– Financial Decision Making

– Internal Audit Basics.
– Internal Audit Practice.
– Internal Audit Knowledge Elements.

– Business English Conversation

– Case Study

Preparing Candidates for HR Specialist job

Estimated Cost : – 4000 EGP
Duration : – 80 Hours
Courses : – Administration HR- Selection & Recruitment- Communication & Relations Employee

– Benefits & Compensation

– Development & Training

– Security & Safety ,Health

– Management Talent and Development People

– Delivery Service HR

– Business English Conversation

– Case Study

Preparing Candidates for Health & Safety Specialist job

Estimated Cost : – 5000 EGP
Duration : – 80 Hours
Courses : – Niposh- Business English Conversation- Case Study